On 4 May I made my first appearance on #TheDrum. It was the day of ‘the special meeting in Buckingham Palace’ so the program led with a rather odd segment on whether the Royal Family should bear the responsibility for the media storm that was raging  – a storm that seemed to me to be caused by the media. It did generate a good discussion on rumour in a social media age. The program also had a great segment on declining trade union membership and what that might mean for women who now comprise most union members. And I learned about ‘the thigh gap’ from the inimitable Mia Freedman.


The Drum

Series 2017 | Episode 69CCNEWS28 mins

Tonight on The Drum: Julia Baird is joined by publisher of Mamamia Mia Freedman, Principal of Willard Public Affairs David Miles and Director of the Crawford School of Public Policy at ANU Helen Sullivan. #TheDrum

The Drum - The Drum - Episode 69

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